Penile Enhancement Surgery- Is it the only option?

There is a vast majority of men who are unhappy with their current penis size and they resort to various sort of methods for penile enhancement.

Penile enhancement surgery is also called Phalloplasty or Augmentation surgery. However, this procedure is still controversial method due to unpredictable results and high risks involved.

Penile enhancement surgery requires tow separate procedures: one to lengthen the penis and another to increase girth.

Surgical lengthening of the penis is achieved by cutting the ligament that supports the erections causing the penis to extend forwards and outwards, making a larger portion of it to be exposed.

On the other hand, penile girth is surgically increased either by Alloderm Graft, Fat Transfer, or Dermal Augmentation. These procedures usually involve harvesting fat cells or strips of tissue from other parts of the body to be inserted or grafted to the penis.

These methods may bring about unwanted complications or side effects. These may include infections, bleeding, bruising, or painful scarring, reduced angle of erection making the penis susceptible to injury, reabsorption of fat cells leading to penis shortening, asymmetry and deformities, soft erections, permanent numbness, loss of sexual function, and impotence.

Over and above, this kind of a procedure can make you shell out huge amounts of money. The costs of the different types of cosmetic penile surgery can set you back from $3,000.00 to as much as $10,000.00!

And sometimes, the size gained from surgery may be lost as a result of post-operative complications or improper post-operative care. Many who had unsuccessful operations end up spending large sums of money on further surgery in an attempt to restore their former penis size, oftentimes without success.

An Alternative

A better and a far safer alternative to penile enhancement surgery is penis exercises. These exercises are not just inexpensive but also are highly effective.

If you do the exercises properly, there is hardly any damage that can happen to your penis. Jelqs or the penis enlargement exercises are clinically approved and backed with enough evidence to suggest their efficacy in permanent and real penis enlargement.

Jelqs combined with natural pills or patches, is another approach that is highly recommended by doctors and experts since it leads to overall sexual enhancement.

Not only it enables you to achieve a bigger and thicker penis but also helps enhance your libido, staying power, sexual stamina and semen production.

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