Does Penis Size Matter? The Truth Revealed

I am sure like thousands of other people you too must have wondered about it. “Does size matter?” is a never ending debate.

Though experts believe that you can satisfy a woman with an average size penis, surveys indicate otherwise. Almost 80% of the women wish their partner’s penis size was about 1-4 inches longer. Most women keep this desire to themselves and do not let their men know about it because they are sensitive to their men and do not want to hurt their feelings and also because they seem to think that nothing can be done to enhance penile size.

Why women want their men to have larger penises is simply because they have sexual pleasure centers which need to be physically stimulated to help them achieve orgasms and sexual satisfaction. It is not uncommon for many women to fake orgasms when they make love to a man who is not blessed with a large member.

However, if you not well endowed you need not despair.

As a matter of fact you are fortunate to be born in the present times when you can get access to some of the highly refined methods, techniques and products for male enhancement.

Gone are the days when men had to rely upon pumps and weights for penile enhancement. Neither do you have to resort to an extreme measure like surgery. Now, there are methods like exercises which are not only substantiated through clinical studies but also widely recommended by doctors for increasing penile size and improving your sexual stamina so that you can make sex an enjoyable experience for yourself and your woman.

Jelqs and Kegels are the two different types of exercises that you need to perform. While Jelqs add size to your male genitalia through Tissue Expansion, Kegels strengthen the PC muscle so that you gain better control over your ejaculations. When you perform jelqs regularly, the erectile tissue grows through cell division and multiplication and enlarges in size so that it can hold more blood. More blood inevitably means a larger and a thicker erection.

Traction devices also work on the same principle and once you wear the device it starts exerting pressure on your male shaft through traction. However, many men prefer performing Jelqs for as little as 15 minutes a day to wearing a device for 2-6 hours a day. Moreover, though most of the devices come with the claim that you can wear them undetected under clothing, I seriously doubt that. Things can turn extremely embarrassing if some one make out you wearing a device.

However, a much preferred approach is to use exercises and natural pills in tandem with each other. This is because pills can enhance blood circulation to the genitals and also relax blood vessels so as to allow more blood into the shaft helping you achieve harder and longer lasting erections. In fact some good companies provide complete packages to help you get the benefit of pills and exercises for complete sexual enhancement.

Another latest and the most advanced penis enhancement product is the penis patch.

A patch tends to be even more effective and potent as compared to pills and this is largely due to the method of administering medicine into the body. A patch is based on Transdermal technology.

Transdermal literally means “through the skin”.

Once a opatch is applied to the skin it releases all its herbal ingredients directly into the bloodstream unlike pills that are taken orally and go through the digestive system to reach the bloodstream. A patch completely bypasses the digestive tract and thiskeesp the dosage more accurate.

Moreover, it also makes  a patch more potent and effective as compared to pills.

There are many natural pills and patche sbut just a few are good, safe and effective and are free of side effects.

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